Unique & Proven Selling Process

In the Austin real estate market, where your house needs to stand out above others, we offer you a unique solution. Your house has a special feature that buyers are looking for. Highlighting this is our specialty. As a supplement to our traditional, luxury home, marketing tactics, we implement a full-scale, niche market approach to selling your house.

Not every luxury home-buyer needs an oversized garage. But every car collector does. And that’s where we come in. We target the luxury market, or the obvious, traditional audience. Then we go far beyond and pinpoint automobile enthusiasts that need a home for their automobile collection or workshop. By combining these two marketing approaches, your home is seen by a greater audience and in-turn, has increased odds of selling faster and for more money. It’s not rocket science, but it is artwork.

Austin Collector Homes REALTOR Alex Jaffe Garage Enthusiast
  • Local and national automobile clubs

  • Luxury automobile dealership staff
  • High-end custom, automobile builders and clientele
  • National and local automobile bloggers

  • Many, many other auto enthusiast groups and professionals

The above points offer insight into the types of connections that we’re affiliated with. As we send out press release statements, announcing the newest available “Collector Home”, you’re represented in the finest fashion. To learn more about the secret to our success, and how we implement the tricks of our trade, call us today for a confidential, property-specific, home value and marketing conversation.

Full-Service Solution

In addition to our marketing processes, we focus on your experience by implementing a full, red carpet service. Once everyone has agreed that our service is a good fit for your needs, we immediately begin to lighten your load of the selling process.  You’ll know exactly what to expect during every stage of the sale and we assist every chance we get.  May it be opening a door for a handyman or ordering lunch on packing day, our service far exceeds our transaction management processes.

Public or Private

The sale of your house can be handled in a few different ways based upon your need for privacy and the market we are targeting. There are on-market sales and there are off-market sales. For this conversation's purpose, a public sale is considered on-market, which means; listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Public Sales Often:

  • Seen by many agents and consumers both inside and outside of your target audience
  • Advertises the asking price, photos, and address
  • Sale results are reported to the Tax Appraisal District and quickly carry tax implications

While public sales are often seen by a greater number of people, there are good reasons why sellers often list their house privately instead.

Reasons for Private Sales

  • Need for privacy

    • Financial circumstances
    • Divorce/family matters
    • Anonymity
  • Security

    • Valuable collections
    • Personal Safety
  • Marketing

    • Private sales offer exclusivity, increasing appeal
    • Targets a luxury audience

Although there are many pro's and con's for each method, a proper analysis of your goals with an agent that has strategies for each avenue should be first on your list. To learn more about the secret to our success, and how we implement the tricks of our trade, call us today for a confidential, property specific, home value and marketing conversation.

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