The Austin car scene is one of acceleration, turbo power, and a highly polished motorist community. If you search for the meaning of community, you’ll find the definition as people who share common interests. There’s something special about being a car nut which brings us all together on a more personal level. We form friendships through cars and get to know people we otherwise might’ve passed by in the street. Cars are the glue that hold us together.

We all need something to keep us going in life. Something to aim for. Something to strive for. For us auto enthusiasts, we dream about cars. Austin certainly allows for those dreams to come true. With the median household income of over $80,000/year and roughly 10 billionaires currently residing in the Austin zip codes, the likelihood of catching a glimpse of some flashy chrome and hearing the low rumble of a thrush turbo muffler are fairly high. A quick drive through any of the luxury high rises and suddenly you’re in a multi-level car show. Not to mention the area is riddled with venues and events specifically catered to motorheads, like car clubs and raceways.

Austin area Car clubs are a great way to share your automotive passion with other like-minded people! And with over 30 clubs in the area, there is a place for everyone. Much like the diversity of the clubs, the area has so much to offer. Austin is many things to many people;

  • A growing tech community
  • Food truck haven
  • Mecca for musicians
  • Lakeside retreat
  • Artist hub
  • Auto racing hotspot

Every fall Austin is flooded with race fans excited to take in the only Formula 1 Grand Prix in the United States at the purpose-built Circuit of the Americas (COTA). While the Grand Prix is the most prestigious event on the COTA calendar, the track is also host to IMSA, the Ferrari Challenge, the Porsche Owners Club, and home to several racing schools and driving experiences. Plus, there are many racing team shops and showrooms to explore. Making Austin the place for the car enthusiast to settle in and call home.

Are you in the market for a luxury property that allows you to showcase your car collection?  Or perhaps a   mancave to store your tools, grease and rides? Alex Jaffe is a life-long auto enthusiast turned REALTOR® and helps folks just like you find homes with suitable garages for your automotive passion.